Petrocelli College Multidisciplinary Programs

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Korean Progarm
Course Course Title Instructor
ENGL 2261.E1 Strategies and Skills for Academic Success  Herbert Pendleton
HIST 2297. E4 History of Science and Technology Kwan S. Kim
HUMN 2216. E1 American Culture through Film Herbert Pendleton
BIOL 1105. E1 The Human Environment Janice Lee
ESL 0126. E1 U.S. Cult. ESL - Writing/Grammar Shirley Ruggiero

Other Courses

Course  Course Title Instructor
ART 1061.H1 Cultural Arts Diana Soorikian
COMM 2101.E5 Professional Communications Harry J Delgado
COMM 3324 P5 Intercultural Communications in the Global Workplace Michele Barto
COMM P1D Professional Communications Michele Barto
CORE 1006 The Global Challenge R. Ferguson
CORE 2007 E5 Perspective on the Individual R. Roemer
CORE 2007 E7 Perspective on the Individual R. Roemer
CORE 2007 P7B  Perspective on the Individual R. Roemer
CRIM 3301 Computer Technology in the Criminal Justice System Thomas Macauley
ECON1122 Microeconomics Jose Caceres
ENGL 1111 H1 Literature and Composition I Oujo
ENGL 1112 Literature and Composition II Oujo
FIN2203 Personal Finance Jose Caceres
HIST 2115 E1D Revolutionary Nation: US History I P. Mabli
HIST 2285 E1D New Jersey History: A Historic Perspective P. Mabli
HISST 2297 History of Science & Technology Edward Mulligan
HUMN 3218 Current Ethical Issues Ernest “Bub” Kovacs
HUMN 4210 Violence & Culture Entertainment/Film/TV/Video Games Edward Mulligan
IBUS 2201.P1D Fundamentals of International Business Moran Goldfarb
MADS 6608 Organized Communication and Conflict Resolution A. DiNardo
MIS 2110.E1D New Perspectives on the Internet medaska
MIS 2111.P1 Internet, E-Commerce & Technology Joanne B. Brogden
MIS 3142.E2D Information Security medaska
PADM 4559 Health Issues in Correctional Institutions  Harold T. Brown
PHYS 1008 Physics of Medicine & Science Richardson
PHYS 1126 Earth Physics Richardson