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ART 2211.E1D The History & Evolution of Photography G. Mabli
ART 2411.E1D Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary Marie Gasper-Hulvat
BUSI 2460.E1D Corporate Governance David Epstein
BUSI 2645.E1D Principles of Management Joseph DePalma
COMM 2240.E1D Blogging:  Sharing Ideas in Web 2.0 Linda Elfers-Mabli
COMM 2101.E6D Professional Communication P. Keefe Durso
CORE 1006.E4D The Global Challenge (CORE A) Ernest Batha
CORE 1006.ECD The Global Challenge (Core A) P. Keefe Durso
CORE 1006.H2B The Global Challenge Linda Elfers-Mabli
CORE 2007.E3D Perspectives on the Individual David Epstein
ECON 1121.E4D Macroeconomics Lisa Colon      
ENGL 1112.E3D Literature & Composition II Chloe Miller
ENGL 3141.E1D Travel Writing Chloe Miller
ENGL 2212.H4 Masterpieces of Literature II Linda Elfers-Mabli
ENGL 2224.E1D Career Women in Literature & Film Linda Elfers-Mabli
ENGL 2227.E1D CyberVoices:  Internet Writers’ Communities Linda Elfers-Mabli
ENGL 2811.E2D Women’s Voices:  An International Survey Linda Elfers-Mabli
FIN 2211.E2D Real Estate Finance & Investments Robert Medaska
HIST 2115. E1D Revolutionary Nation: US History I Peter Mabli
HIST 2285. E1D New Jersey History: A Historic Perspective Peter Mabli
HIST2297.E2D History of Science and Technology Gilbert Steiner
MIS 1135.E6D Introduction to Computers Evan Steiner
MIS 2110.E2D New Perspectives on the Internet Robert Medaska
MIS 2191.E1D Digital Design For Business Gerard Mabli
MIS 3142.E2D Information Security Robert Medaska
PHIL 2255.E2D Business Ethics David Epstein
SOCI 2247. E1D Popular Culture Evan Steiner
SOCI 2251.E1D Race and Ethnicity Judy R. Strauss