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Online Courses

Master of Administrative Science (MAS)

MADS 6600.81  Theory & Practice of Administration Robert Sorensen
MADS 6601.81 Financial Administration Donald Cammus
MADS 6602.81 Personnel Administration Nancy Dewitt
†MADS 6604.81 Ethics & Public Values Bobby Clark
MADS 6605.81 Principles of Information Systems Joseph Poovathur Thomas
MADS 6606.81 Administrative Leadership in Complex Organizations Matthew  Coyle
MADS 6608.81 Organizational Communication & Conflict Resolution Victor Carter
†MADS 6609.81 Productivity & Human Performance Paulette Laubsch
MADS 6610.81 Organizational Decision Making John Pope
†MADS 6612.81 Seminar on Strategic Management – “Capstone” Paulette Laubsch
†MADS 6612.84 Seminar on Strategic Management – “Capstone” Paulette Laubsch
MADS 6613.81 Marketing of Public, Private and Not-For-Profit Organizations David Warshaw
†MADS 6616.81 Grant Writing & Administration Jonathan Bachofen
†MADS 6617.81 Emergency Management & Safety Administration Mary Goepfert 
†MADS 6618.81 Leadership Plus Lisa Lackey-Laubsch
MADS 6620.81 Human Resource Systems: Approaches & Techniques for the Modern Workplace Ernest Kovacs
†MADS 6628.81 Building Strategic Partnerships Robert Sorensen
MADS 6629.81 Program Planning and Development Otis McGregor
MADS 6631.81 Advance Fundraising Practices Michele Hickey
†MADS 6634.81 Community Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis William McKnight
†MADS 6636.81 Global Preparedness for Catastrophic Emergencies Vincent Markowski
MADS 6637.81 Computer Systems Seizures & Examination Eamon Doherty
MADS 6638.81 Computer Security Administration Eamon Doherty
†MADS 6639.81 The Forensic Expert Thomas Gersbeck
MADS 6648.81 Disaster Recovery & Organizational Continuity Michael Finney
MADS 6651.81 Operations Administration John Pope
MADS 6661.81 Managing Organizational Change Raymond Davis
†MADS 6662.81 Customer Service Jonathan Bachofen
MADS 6663.81 Behavioral Administration in Corrections Patrick Hughes
MADS 6664.81 Correctional Health Care Administration Alexis Fitzsimmons
MADS 6675.81 Optimum Leadership Philip Coyne
MADS 6676.81 Perspectives on Leadership from Film William R. Kennedy
MADS 6679.81 Intelligence-Led Policing: Concepts, Practices & Issues Anthony Ceravolo
MADS 6680.81 Strategic Planning for Intelligence-Led Policing  William Toms
MADS 6688.81 Legal Environment for Forensic Accounting Bruno Pavlicek
MADS 6690.81 Forensic Accounting Fraud & Taxation Christopher Nunziato
MADS 6696.81 Building Effective Teams Victor Carter
MADS 6697.81 Current Issues in Cyber Forensics George Beck
†MADS 6698.81 Current Issues in Terrorism & Security James Conroy
MADS 6701.81 Introduction  to Computer Network Security Eamon Doherty
MADS 6705.81 Homeland Security & Constitutional Issues (Cannot be used for credit toward MSHS Program) William Schuber
MADS 6708.81 Administrative Research Kiuomars  Kiarashi
MADS 6714.81 Special Topics:  First Responder Stress Awareness & Management Robert Daniello
MADS 6715.81 Special Topics: Global Terrorism & Emergency Management Preparation George Milonas 
MADS 6735.81 Introduction to Countermeasures for Malware Eamon Doherty


Master of Science in Homeland Security (MSHS)

MSHS  6605.81 Preparing for Catastrophic Emergencies Mary Goepfert 
MSHS 6608.81 Terrorism & Disaster Management Gazmen Xhudo
MSHS  6610.81 Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response Cathy E. Vacirca
MSHS 6619.81 Collaborative Leadership Ronald Calissi
MSHS 6621.81 Human Resource Management Ernest Kovacs
MSHS 7601.81 Homeland Security & Constitutional Issues William Schuber
MSHS 7604.81 Strategic Planning, Implementation & Evaluation  Paulette Laubsch


Master of Sports Administration (MSA)

MSA 6603.81 Sports Marketing and Promotions John Meindl
MSA 6607.81 Human Resource Administration in Sports Organizations Ernest Kovacs
MSA 6611.81 Coaching Leadership William Klika
MSA 6613.81 Coaching Psychology Roman Oben
MSA 6633.81 Weight Training & Conditioning Joanne Smith-Tavener
MSA 6701.81 Legal Issues in Domestic & International Sports Industry   William Schuber
MSA 6702.81 Sports Research & Policy Analysis Paulette Laubsch
MSA 6703.81 Financial Administration in Sports Donald Cammus
MSA 6705.81 Strategic Planning, Implementation & Evaluation (capstone course) Paulette Laubsch


Bachelor of Arts (BAIS)

BIOL 2051.E1D Biology of Nutrition Emma Davis-Kovacs
†COMM 2101.E1D Professional Communication Leo McGuire
†ENGL 1111.E2D Literature and Composition I Jaclyn Jiras
HUMN 3218.E1D Current Ethical Issue Ernest Kovacs
MATH 1131.E2D College Math I Mary Abraham
†MGMT 2261.E1D Human Motivation and Behavior Yuna Youn
MIS 1135.E4D Introduction to Computers Mary  Abraham
MIS 1135.E7D Introduction to Computers Joseph Poovathur Thomas
†PHIL 2255.E2D Business Ethics Bobby Clark
PADM 3303.E1D Public Personnel Administration Nancy Dewitt
†PADM 4400.E8D Seminar on Leadership Development Matthew  Coyle
PADM 4501.E1D Terrorism & Emergency Management Tristin J. Collins
PADM 4502.E1D Counter-Terrorism & Response John R. Marley
PADM 4505.E1D Psychology of Terrorism Robert Ritchie
†PADM 4545.E1D Effective Risk Communications for Leadership Bobby Clark
PADM 4563.E1D Violence  and Culture Raymond Massi
PADM 4581.E1D Water, Ecosystems and Agriculture Jill Jacoby
PADM 4587.E1D Introduction to Homeland Security William Schuber
PADM 4591.E1D Changing Policing Philosophies: Traditional to Intelligence-Led Policing Robert Daniello
PSYC 1141.E1D General Psychology I Lisa Lackey-Laubsch
SPAD 2012.E1D Nutrition and Wellness Emma Davis-Kovacs